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Support local: eight UAE chocolate brands to satiate that sweet tooth

Source:The National News

This World Chocolate Day, ditch the ordinary and dip into gourmet, creamy concoctions by these chocolatiers

Whether you like it dark or milk, as a bar or a drink, pure or with fillings, there is nothing quite like chocolate to sweeten the day. With World Chocolate Day being celebrated annually on July 7, it’s time to pay tribute to the dreamy concoction, a simple whiff of which makes life feel better.This year, why not look beyond the big-name candy bars at the grocery store? Explore some home-grown chocolatiers we have access to in the UAE, so you can sink your teeth into the sweet stuff, while also supporting local businesses.Here are eight brands worth discovering.

Boasting the world’s first camel milk chocolate factory, Al Nassma is a UAE brand that has become synonymous with the taste of Arabian chocolates – not only in the region, but throughout the world (in 2015, the brand struck a deal with Harrods to sell its chocolates in the famed London department store).Al Nassma was set up in the UAE in 2008 after years of research into camel milk. Today, its chocolates come in a range of flavours and shapes. Choose between white, milk and dark bars, with or without nuts, or try the camel-shaped chocolates, which make for great souvenirs and gifts.Prices start from Dh29 for a bar; available in select Carrefour and Waitrose branches, in the Dubai Airport terminals; and online at and

This Emirati artisanal chocolatier was founded in 2017 by Mohammad Al Qassimi and prides itself on its bean-to-bar chocolate making, all of which happens within the UAE.Cocoa beans are sourced from places such as Madagascar, Tanzania, Peru, Ecuador and Guatemala, and roasted and blended to create an array of flavours to tantalise the taste buds. There’s everything from ganache to pralines and truffles to tablets (or bars), plus chocolate-covered nuts and dates to choose from.Customers can pick different flavours for boxes or customise chocolates for special occasions. For a taste of the unusual, try Blu's yoghurt, cheesecake, Arabic coffee ganache or a strawberry chocolate and cocoa nibs slab.

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