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Hot chocolate bombs: How to make the world's latest food trend and where to find them in the UAE

Source:The National News

The latest food trend to hit the internet is quite the bombshell.

Hot chocolate bombs have burst on to the culinary – and social media – scene in recent weeks, and are sure to quench the thirst of those whose winter drink of choice is a cup of frothy, delicious cocoa.

The concept is fairly simple: an edible chocolate sphere packed with hot chocolate mix and (optional – but highly recommended) tiny marshmallows.

The chocolate shell is typically kept very thin so that when one dunks it in a cup of hot milk – or places it in a cup and pours boiling milk over the top – the “bomb” melts into the liquid, leaving little marshmallows floating on top.

Many have started recording these Instagram-worthy “explosions” for social media. Indeed, a cursory scan of the hashtag #hotchocolatebombs reveals more than 85,000 posts on the photo-sharing platform alone.

So, how did it all start? Like with most of this year's food trends this year, the bomb is believed to have been born on TikTok.

User Cathy Ortiz, founder of sweet shop Love Meets Sugar, started making them as early as July, with her videos of different flavours racking up more than 100,000 views.

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